Sunday, September 05, 2010

A Real-Life Short-Short Story About Software Craftsmanship

One day, at the end of my team's daily stand-up meeting, one person said he was cleaning out his garage. He'd found a couple of books that his previous employer gave to all new hires. And that now he would like to get rid of those books to anyone interested.

One of the books was Software Craftsmanship by Pete McBreen.

One of our managers laughed, saying, "Oh, so now you're all going to be craftsmen."

Several other people laughed, too.

After they were done laughing, I said that I thought it was a good book and I recommended reading it.

There was silence.


  1. Thanks for sharing this story!

    I actually liked the concise writing style!

    As for the content of your story it's quite sad. Software craftsmanship is one of the books that has shaped who I am and my career, definitively a great book!

  2. Not entirely surprising. When people ask me what I do I still switch between programmer/coder/software developer/developer/software engineer. Our profession still hasn't decided what to call itself. I don't think the idea of software craftsmanship has entered the mainstream yet and when it does, it'll just get heaped on the pile.

  3. As Enrique says, that is just sad. As developers we need to be open to learning and self improvement.

    I have come up against this attitude myself and it's not an easy one to handle as it can be demoralising and thereby hindering your own progress - good luck!

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