Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Looking Forward to Alt.Net London Beers Tonight

I'm looking forward to attending Alt.Net London Beers tonight to see what social gaffe I can commit next. My favorite from last time was when someone asked me if I "was you-switch" and I looked at them blankly, wondering what they could possibly mean. In retrospect, I knew that there were several developers there from uSwitch, and I was just being asked if I was one of them. But at the time, I completely forgot, and the best my mind could turn the question into was something like... "Do you use switch statements? Because you know, in the OO-world, that's not cool." My secret is that I probably have used switch statements in the past year. But I didn't like it. Really.

Seriously, though. It's a good event. I made it to the last two, where we discussed Robert C. "Uncle Bob" Martin's SOLID Principles and "avoiding the big rewrite," including ideas from Michael Feathers' book Working Effectively With Legacy Code.