Sunday, July 19, 2009

What If Your Unsuccessful Project Wasn't?

In Large-Scale Project Doesn't Equal Large-Scale Development, Jim Fiorato concludes that "The concept of parallelizing development with a large team to deliver a large amount of code for a large project all at once, is in my opinion, well... broke."

The only successful large projects I've been a part of have consisted of small development releases.


With the "large scale development" mind set, the odds are stacked against you. You'll find that you've fallen short on what you've envisioned, fallen short on your timeline, and probably done some irreparable damage to your talented team.

My concern is, so what? Just because a project fell short of what was envisioned, blew the timeline, or damaged the team, does that mean it wasn't successful?

Did the software release? Did customers pay for it? Is the organization still in business?

And if so, do you think the organization viewed the project as a success or a failure?

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